In this day and age, there is such a unique and precious time to deep dive into this NFT space. It is an innovative way to not only promote your work but also sell it in an outstanding and out-of-the-box way.

I truly think that artists, photographers, digital creative souls, and entrepreneurs can thrive so much when they add an NFT collection to their business or extend their portfolio this way.

There is no reason for creators not to explore the NFT world. If book launches and conferences are not your thing, one can even engage with their NFT owners through 1:1 coaching, podcast interviews or group sessions. The opportunities are limitless if you can innovate.


What do you do in a day?

You are the boss of your own destiny. As always in life, but even more so if you are an NFT content creator. Because nobody is going to do it for you but you!

To do so, you must:

  • create content for your social media channels,
  • plan it ahead of time, and use the appropriate hashtags (such as # nft, # nfts, # nftcommunity, and so on). The most popular social media platforms to promote your work are now Discord, Twitter, and Clubhouse. Unfortunately, there is a sign up problem now (Feb 2022) with Clubhouse, so I cannot use that myself.
  • You try to think of unique selling points to stand out from the crowd even more and sell those points via your promotions.
  • Next up is creating your own fan base. You will find yourself managing your discord, hosting/joining Twitter spaces, and doing giveaways.
  • Now comes the fun part: actually creating your artwork! You can do so in a pixelated way, or with cartoons, photos, or movies.

For me personally, I can truly say there aren’t enough hours in a day to do as much as I plan to do daily. Time truly flies when you do something you are passionate about!



What can you expect of me as an NFT content creator?

For me, as a self-portrait artist who edits in Photoshop, very exciting times are coming! Right now, I am preparing for my very first NFT drop. This will mean that I will mint my NFT collection for the first time!

My portraits will be an artistic expression of my creative soul. Combined with a fitness workout program on Telegram.

Who knows what the future will bring for my creations and how I will grow into the new WEB3 world? I am extremely enthusiastic about all the creative possibilities that are open to grab!

How will my future look like?

I cannot predict the future, but I do want to share my ambitions and goals with you.

My journey into the NFT space is just starting, and I would love to just enjoy the journey. I do not know yet what my expertise in the non-fungible token niche will be, but I will explore all kinds of pathways. As of now, for example, I am getting to know the metaverse of Decentraland.

I have done my very collaboration already with Maggie’s fun house.

I hold weekly Twitter Spaces for my friends, and this has already helped some people get more comfortable speaking English, which isn’t their first language.

Next to that, I would love to make a great contribution to the NFT space and hopefully educate aspiring NFT content creators via my blog on this website and my upcoming Tiktok account.


This is my personal guide and story, and this story is growing. It isn’t a finished process; it is a work in progress, but I will most likely update this guide with my own discovered knowledge that I’ve picked up along the NFT Space.It is in no way a professional guide to copying. It is, hopefully, a guide that inspires new NFT content creators or artists to pursue their dreams in a new WEB3 world with so much room to create their own creative works.


NFT Content Creator

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