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Hi I’m Missmoon and I’m not a robot. I’m a caring, helpful, benificial member of the Twitter community and the the NFT community.

I ask the NFT Community for help by signing this petition to show that I am a real person and a valuable female community member.

As a mark of my good character, I even offers to assist Twitter for a week in resolving similar problems to mine

Help Missmoon back on Twitter, it’ll cost you a few seconds but it means the world to Missmoon!

Sign the petition

I was suspended indefinitely without any information concerning my wrongdoing, as you can see here.

I can’t promote my NFT collection properly without my account, I can’t help you grow into a better version of yourself without my account, I can’t support you in Dms like I used to, I can’t come to the Twitter NFT spaces to talk and help you, and I can’t educate you about Twitter and the NFT community without my account.

This will be a big loss for not only me but also the NFT community, where we believe that helping each other makes us stronger.


I will clearly express my feelings over my suspension and dissect every rule that I may have broken.

Because I don’t have any information to work with as to why I was permanently suspended, I feel compelled to go over them all with you and explain that I don’t believe I did anything to warrant such a punishment.

I’d like to know why, so we can talk about how I can make amends and take the necessary actions.


  • I never threatened someone or glorified violence. I am against violence, I prefer talking things out.

  • I never promoted or threatened with terrorism. I am against terrorism and believe it could be solved on a more peaceful way.

  • I also have a strict policy against child sexual exploitation.

  • I did not engage in targeted harassment of someone. I never wish anyone harm. I only have helped people on Twitter to become a better person, it was even in my BIO.

  • I accept everybody with a good heart and good intentions.

  • I never promote or encourage suicide or self-harm. I helped several people around me and saved multiple lives because of that.

  • I do not use or sell/buy any illegal goods.


  • I did not publish any private information about anyone.
  • I did not shared or published any intimate photos or videos of someone that were published without their consent.
Platform manipulation and spam

commercially-motivated spam:

  • I did not spam my upcoming NFT collection, I retweeted other peoples work more than mine.

    inauthentic engagements: I do not believe that I am inauthentic and my followers are with me on that.

    coordinated activity:I only have one extra account, that is my sister’s, so that we can be in a Twitter Space at the same time without any rugging. This account was barely used until I got permanently banned, you can see the statistics about that. Me and my sister used Missmoonx’s account to promote the upcoming NFT collection but we tried to work in times that the other one wasn’t active, so we didn’t set off any bells.

    coordinated harmful activity that encourages or promotes behavior which violates the Twitter Rules:

  • I do not believe that this is the case.
Multiple accounts and coordination
  • I didn’t use any automated services, my growth was organically.
overlapping accounts:
  • I did use one account to promote my NFT collection. The other one was used to listen to Twitter Spaces at the same time.  I did not do this.Coordination:
  • I did not post duplicate content or create fake engagement.
  • I did not engage repeatedly with the same tweets or multiple accounts.
  • I did not do any artificial engagement or amplification
Engagement and metrics
  • I never used any third parties apps to increase my engagement.
  • I did not participate in “follow trains,” “decks,” and “Retweet for Retweet” behavior.
  • I did not bought my account, as you can see in my analytics.
Misuse of Twitter product features Tweets and Direct Messages

sending bulk, aggressive, high-volume unsolicited replies, mentions, or Direct Messages:

• This is the part that I could have done wrongly in your eyes, I did like posts in a Twitter List for about ten minutes while I was chatting, I liked posts in a Twitter List for around ten minutes. I’m not a great multitasker, so I’m sure I did this too quickly and received a permanent suspension as a result. If this is the case, I believe it is unjust to do so without first giving me notice. I’d like the opportunity to learn what went wrong, apologize, and promise to never do this again.

repeatedly posting identical or nearly identical Tweets, or repeatedly sending identical Direct Messages;
• never done this.

repeatedly posting Tweets or sending Direct Messages consisting of links shared without commentary, so that this comprises the bulk of your Tweet/Direct Message activity; and Tweeting an existing phrase or content in a duplicative manner, whether individually or in concert with other accounts. Learn more in our copypasta and duplicate content policy.:
• I never have done this, I always try to comment in a personal way and DM with a personal flair.

“follow churn” – following and then unfollowing large numbers of accounts in an effort to inflate one’s own follower count;
• I did not do this.
indiscriminate following – following and/or unfollowing a large number of unrelated accounts in a short time period, particularly by automated means; andduplicating another account’s followers, particularly using automation.
• I did not do this

aggressively or automatically engaging with Tweets to drive traffic or attention to accounts, websites, products, services, or initiatives. • I did not do this, I liked and engaged with my followers more than I pushed my own NFT collection. aggressively adding users to Lists or Moments. • I did not ever do this.
using a trending or popular hashtag with an intent to subvert or manipulate a conversation or to drive traffic or attention to accounts, websites, products, services, or initiatives; andTweeting with excessive, unrelated hashtags in a single Tweet or across multiple Tweets.
  • I used the bigger hashtags like #NFTcommunity, #NFT and #NFTs but also smaller niches like #NFTphotography or #NFTphotographers. I tried using hashtags related to the posts. I never had any ill thoughts or use about hashtags.
publishing or linking to malicious content intended to damage or disrupt another person’s browser (malware) or computer or to compromise a person’s privacy (phishing); and posting misleading or deceptive links; e.g., affiliate links and clickjacking links. • I don’t even know how to do this, I did not do this. e #NFTcommunity, #NFT and #NFTs but also smaller niches like #NFTphotography or #NFTphotographers. I tried using hashtags related to the posts. I never had any ill thoughts or use about hashtags.
Platform manipulation and spam: • I did never use the Twitter services to manipulate or articially amplify or engage in a behavior that disrupted peoples experience on TwitterCivic Integrity: • I never expressed my political view on posts or comments.Misleading and Deceptive Identities: • I am only representing my own brand, Missmoon.Synthetic and manipulated media: • I never alterted exsisting media to cause harm or impact the publics safety.Copyright and trademark: • I create my own content or Retweet others.
Enforcement and Appeals
I have filed in an appeal. So far no communication or updates back on it and no way of checking for a status of the case number.
Third-party advertising in video content
I did not have any sponserships. I did seek out collaborations, but now thanks to this suspension, I will never get these.  

As you can see from my analytics and usage and my website with the weekly Twitter updates I’ve posted, I went to a lot of Twitter Spaces to learn about Twitter Algorithms, engagement, and community development.

I have created beginner guides on my websites to assist others in developing their own NFT brand

I have people in my life that can attest to this, and you can find novice Twitter tips on my website.

“… Together, we can be a force for good.”
We use the positive power of Twitter to strengthen our communities through our platform, people, and profits.

I couldn’t agree more. I have the exact same mindset with Missmoon.

Within the NFT community, I am known as a helpful, sweet, and hardworking someone who has assisted many others in becoming better versions of themselves.

I’m even releasing an NFT collection in the near future that will help people become a better version of themselves through a fitness workout program

I even am published in online interviews within such a short time of me building up my name.

  • A digital magazine about Woman Empowerment:

      • where a woman mentions me of being an “incredible asset to the NFT Community”.
  • A NFT content creator, digital interview

I did not find any way to see a status or update on my case except two automated emails from Twitter on the 13th of May. There is no way to check this. I would like to give my feedback on the ability to check the status of a case.

I’m really missing my Twitter NFT community, and my community is missing me as well. The amount of people who signed this petition demonstrates this.

I am not a bad or ill-intentioned individual looking for a quick buck or to acquire progress in an unofficial way. I do believe we are all human beings capable of making mistakes. When we make a mistake, we should all have the opportunity to talk to each other about what went wrong and how we can improve, learn, and grow as people.
This is where a lovely and miraculous opportunity presents itself.

With my unexpected, abrupt banishment from Twitter, I saw that I had no knowledge to work with, grow from, or learn from my error.

I did not have the opportunity to speak with a live person from your company by phone, email, or chat.

I attempted to leave a comment on your Support Tweet, Elons Musk’s tweet, and your main Twitter account’s tweet.

This status has been shared 9 times (currently as I write it) with 8 likes. As far as I could see, this status received the most traction.With no response from a customer service agent.
For the time being, this is the only means for people who wish to make amends to contact you. But, as I read the most recent Twitter posts of those accounts, there is no way of resolving an issue where the customer agent simply responds with an almost robotic, inauthentic way, like here:

You can imagine that your users feel very frustrated, sad and hopeless because they will never get the chance to speak up for themselves and grow from their mistakes. This goes against what you stand for. A public conversation, where people have the chance to freely talk in a safe space.

Today is a good day to practice allyship” – Twitter together feb 22 2020.

I’d also like to talk about assisting you with bots and spam accounts, as well as circumstances similar to mine.
I’d love to volunteer for one full week wherever I can free up time, for no pay to contact others like me and work this out with you, to demonstrate my good will and attitude.

The only thing I want in return is for my account to be restored to its former grandeur, as well as to learn what went wrong and how to avoid it in the future. I than want to teach others to avoid making the same mistakes I did.

That is all I ask, and I believe that is a very reasonable request.My feedback is to have the ability to show the status of a case and to be able to speak to an actual human service agent at Twitter.
You good?” this way of working with your cases you now withheld precious information for me about my permanent suspension. Which goes against your own rules. the suppression of information in your Authenticity part of Platform manipulation and spam:
It did disrupt my experience on Twitter badly, so much so, I felt frustration, anger, sadness, hopelessness and desperation. These feeling I feel because I worked from morning till past midnight with barely a day off for almost an half year. I put all my love, dedication and passion into my account, my website and my small Telegram community. I tried building up my name and brand in an organically way (which again, you can see in my analytic, profile and usage), only to abruptly taken away from me.

To summarize, I demonstrated that I feel that my account belongs on Twitter, that I have only good intentions, and that I  demonstrate this by volunteering for one week, with as much time as I can make free for it, to help you fight cases like mine. I want to know what went wrong and how I can make amends.

I demonstrate that I have the support of the NFT community and even has proof in the form of links demonstrating my good intentions.

Help Missmoon back on Twitter, it’ll cost you a few seconds but it means the world to Missmoon!

Sign the petition

To contact me, please email me. I would be more than happy to assist with any questions, remarks, needed actions or providing information.

Thank you so much for reading, taking the needed action to help me and I wish everyone who reads this a beautiful and amazing day.


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