As a NFT artist I now blog for about six months.

I’m doing everything I can to learn about the vast galaxy of WEB3.0 and the universe of the NFT community.

This made me realize I had a massive learning curve to overcome, so I began the NFT A-Z lingo series and the beginners guides.

With the exploration, you begin to build your own community and following on the commonly used social media platforms, which appear to be set in stone.
However, platforms such as Twitter and Discord are not designed for web3 spirits.
We simply take it for granted, pouring our hearts and souls into them.

But why not strive for truly web3 platforms?

As digital pioneers, we must strive to set a good example!

This is why I am constantly on the lookout for better alternatives, and why I am spending a lot of time behind the scenes researching and testing out software and platforms that have the potential to be better, more secure, and liberating.

This is also why I wrote a WEB3 social media beginner’s guide.
But I’m not going to stop there!
Scott, a very dear web3.0 of mine, recently informed me that there is an alternative to Discord, which is also web3.0 as opposed to the original Discord, which is web2.0.

In this blog, I hope to charm you to try out Revolt, which I believe is a better and safer platform.

Revolt, a true web3.0 Discord alternative you must try too!

Revolt is one of the best ways to stay connected with your friends and community without sacrificing any usability. We focus only on the user, and you can be sure that your conversations are confidential and your data is secure.

Revolt will not sell your data or leak it to advertisers. Our code is open source and can be audited by anyone willing. Based in Europe and bound to the GDPR, we take your privacy very seriously. And with end-to-end encryption coming to DMs and group chats soon, you can be absolutely sure of it.

You can choose to use Element as an open-source solution collaboration platform, but it is not a replacement.

But, Revolt is an impressive Discord alternative that is open-source.

I need to disclose that Revolt is still in the early stages but to me, I don’t need much than the basic bots, stickers and chat functionalities for now.

While it looks and feels a lot like Discord already, here are some of the key highlights:

  • Ability to create your own server
  • Create text channels and voice channels
  • Assign user roles in a server
  • Tweak the theme (dark/light)
  • Change the accent color
  • Manage the font and emoji packs from available options
  • Custom CSS support
  • Ability to add bots
  • Easy to manage permissions for text/voice channels
  • Send friend requests to other users
  • Saved notes section
  • Ability to control notifications
  • Hardware acceleration support
  • Dedicated desktop settings
  • Self-hosting using Docker
  • User status and custom status support

You can explore their project roadmap/release tracker to see what you can expect in its final/future releases.

A huge thank you for the provided information and research to of

Download and try Revolt out for yourself too!

So what is holding you back right now? Let’s make it trending and try it out for yourself! It also supports Linux. It’s open source and has a better

Please visit the official Revolt website for more information and to download Revolt right away!

I hope you enjoyed this Revolt blog.
Personally, I believe that an open source platform built on Element that values privacy is a no-brainer.
I can’t wait for Revolt to go viral.

I am by no means an expert, but I enjoy writing blogs for you based on my newfound personal wisdom.

So give it a shot, see if you’re as excited as I am, and let’s add each other’s servers on Revolt!


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