My personal guide to WEB3 social media

Let’s first start with the true understanding of what web1, web2 and web3 means. When you’re done reading, we move on to the topic of this guide, web3 social media. I will go over my personal experience what made me explore this new world and why you should join me in claiming your spot in […]

A beginners guide to web3

In this guide I will take you by the hand and guide you through, step by step, world by world and give you my personal opinion about it.

Because I personally love learning via video, I also include the best Youtube video I could find with the right explanation of it.

After that I will give some examples of what is a web1.0, web2.0  and web3.0 platform/website/what have you.

A beginners guide to Decentraland fashion

One thing that stands out when you are in Decentraland is how everybody can truly be themselves. This is done by dressing up your avatar in the style of your liking or according to the metaverse parties you’re attending to. Just like in real life, the parties or events sometimes have a dresscode. When you […]

A beginners guide to start with Twitter

You are a creative soul that enjoys everything linked to painting, photography, and other forms of artistic expression.You appreciate museums with beautiful paintings or exhibitions with extraordinary photography.Perhaps you prefer ballet dance shows and enjoy dancing. Whatever type of creativity you have, all of my followers who are reading this share the same magical open […]

A beginners guide to Twitter Spaces

Spaces is a new way to have live audio conversations on Twitter. It is like Clubhouse but than inhouse on Twitter itself. It is an extremely fun way to promote your NFT project or collection, to speak with your friends, network and have a good time. Intro to Twitter Spaces Twitter Spaces are like chatrooms […]