Let’s first start with the true understanding of what web1, web2 and web3 means. When you’re done reading, we move on to the topic of this guide, web3 social media. I will go over my personal experience what made me explore this new world and why you should join me in claiming your spot in web3.

Why did I start exploring web3 social media?

When you start your journey in the NFT journey the first thing you will stumble upon is that Twitter is the place to be when you want to be an NFT artist. But the problem is that Twitter is a web2 platform and your profession is a web3 one.

With this, most face a problem of not working in a way that suits or compliments them and will face the web2 problems that should be behind us.

My personal story is that my Twitter account got suspended without known reason, without communication or ability to contact their customer service. I cannot accept the fact that my mistake isn’t known now and I can’t make ammends with Twitter, improve myself and educate others via my blogs and guides.

With the incredible support of the NFT community I had all the inner power to start again but this is actually against their community guidelines and my current Twitter account could get banished out of nowhere again.

This made me think, if they can silence, banish and take away someone’s living, I should do something which makes me still connected to the community, I need to find ways to have solid ways of reaching out to the public. This shouldn’t be an insecurtity and this shouldn’t be feeling like walking on eggshells, not knowing what you maybe do wrong, when you retweet or like too much, too fast.

This started my journey into the web3 social media, a decentralized way of promoting my Missmoon NFT collection. Of course, also web3 faces it’s own problems, but for now it has it’s power of truly owning your own power, information and you cannot be silenced or banished easily anymore.

My personal top 3 social media platforms that I think could succeed to be the next big thing:


NeonRain is the community-owned, decentralized social NFT marketplace open for anyone and anything. It’s a place where people come together and build strong bonds without restrictions. Ultimately, NeonRain’s future is shaped by the consensus of the DAO, and not by a management team. They have their own NFT platform where you can sell your NFTs. By doing so you get badges and this verifies you being a true, legit user. Also they have their own token which unlocks special features.

They want to bring social interactions to NFT marketplaces. It’s build on the SYNCNETWORK.

Personally when I searched far and wide through Twitter, this was the biggest supported platform, you can easily tell too because everybody who stands behind them has a little raining umbrella emoji in their name and so do I.
I think this one has a really big chance of becoming the next Twitter and I do hope so!


Unfortunately I cannot find the launch date of their platform.


A permissionless, composable, & decentralized social graph that makes building a Web3 social platform easy. From the team that brought you the Aave Protocol.

Lens Protocol is a composable and decentralized social graph, ready for you to build on so you can focus on creating a great experience, not scaling your users.

At its core, Lens Protocol is Web3 native, so from root to bud, it’s been built with features to serve the Web3 community.
On Lens Protocol you can:
  • Mint a profile,
  • follow others,
  • create and collect any publications, completely on-chain.

They already launched Lenster which you can use as a social media.

There is also Phaver, a Share to earn decentralized social media platform. It’s an invite only app.

I personally love everything build with the Aave protocol so I truly hope this hypes a lot and we can all flourish on Lenster and/or Lens.

The first & most utilized decentralized social media mobile app built on the@desoprotocol.
Here you and only you own your data and content.
  1. Freedom & Privacy
    All content is public and cannot be censored by social media platforms. No one can profit from selling your data because it is all on an open blockchain.

  2. Post to Earn
    For the first time in history, you can earn directly from posting high quality content. Monetization of your profile, posts, images and videos is in your hands now.
  3. Social NFTs
    Because in Desofy you own your content, here you can with one click mint any content as a non-fungible token that you can sell or display on your profile

  4. ADs Free
    Say goodbye to AD harassment while you scroll the feed. Finally, experience faster and more enjoyable organic content on our decentralized social platform.

It is now obvious that the current social websites collect your data, analyze it, create advertising profiles and sell them to advertisers. In these old-fashioned platforms you are the product, not the customer.

In Desofy, we strive to change this fact. We are building decentralized social media apps and creating new business models that put your privacy and interest first. We are here to disrupt the social media industry because we truly believe that things can, and SHOULD be done better!

They already launched their app and you can join via the Google or Android store.

I think Deso has also a really good chance on overtaking Twitter and being the next social media to be on. They have so much going on, with the mentioned features.

Overview of all the best social media platforms I could find and are definitely worth a check out.

The pay-to-earn web3 social network.

Twetch is the only social network where users earn money for their content and everything lives on the blockchain. Data ownership. Native NFT marketplace. In-app payments.

The first truly on-chain social network.

Every Twetch post is archived and stored on the blockchain. We are able to create transactions and transfer data for fractions of a penny. Think of every Twetch account as a wallet, with the seed phrase as the key to unlocking your personal data vault.

They haven’t launched yet but you can sign up!

I like the fact that it’s a true pay to earn social media network.


Zentaurios is a crypto blogging and crypto content management system. Share and learn about crypto projects in the Zentaurios crypto space station. Information on Zentaurios is available for everyone but becoming a Subscriber will help you stay up to date on your favorite crypto information.

Is it launched:
Already up and running smoothly.

Personal opinion
With the launch of my very first NFT collection, I could succesfully use their handy web3 calendar for free and I still use it to announce Twitter Spaces and special events. I have a good connection with the founder and can vouch for him that he is one of the most passionate I’ve came across so far whilst connecting with the platforms.

A completely decentralized social content platform running on the
Internet computer protocol.

DSCVR has become a launchpad for community-building and collaboration in the Web3 ecosystem. Make a portal, set up governance, define roles, grow your community, whitelist/airdrop, and then gate that community based on NFT ownership.

Is it launched?

Already up and running.

Personal opinion
I personally liked that with one simple click I could see their platform without logging in. It gave me such a clear and good idea of where this platform is going to and personally I also like that I could join them and share the links to the DSCVR posts to friends, family and anyone who wants to and they can clearly see right-away what the post is about. This is a huge advantage for me. I dislike this so much by for example Instagram and Facebook, where I’d like to see a post and I can’t see it without having an account with them.

Just like Desofy, this is also build on the Desoprotocol.

The home for creators & communities

Diamond is the home for creators and their audience to build engaging communities around content, incentives & ownership.
Built on DeSo — the Decentralized Social Blockchain.

You can login with a Google account or Desoseed.

“ditch discord. come to console. be happy.”

Console is a group chat platform where communities can co-create magic.

A web3 Discord alternative like RevoltChat. It is for now invite only.

I hope you enjoyed my beginner’s guide to web3 social media. I am certainly no expert but I love to write blogs for you with my new found, personal wisdom.

I’m sure my beginners guide will evolve when times passes.
Also, I find that right now, it’s the right time to start your journey in to web 3 that feels right for you personally. Why? Because you never know where it will take you as in your digital NFT/web3 path.

So try it out for yourself, see if has any value for you.


NFT Content Creator

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