Intro - NFT content creator: Missmoon

With excitement I write my very first blog post on my own website.

I will explain in this blog post more about what my NFT collection will be about and what I think the future will be for my NFT’s.

How it started

With a passion for portrait photography, Photoshop and always learning to become a better version of myself, a ticket with to the digital NFT moon and beyond just sounds logical.

I am now one month in and I feel at home in this new, exciting space. There are many NFT content creators and artists on Twitter just like me, exploring the creative limits and adapting to the newest technologies and overcoming old struggles.

With an open mind, love for the unknown path before me and enthusiasm to learn anything about it, I will see what my expertise will grow in to. For now I will roll out my very first NFT collection soon and I will all keep you updated via my website and socials.

Along the way I will take you along with everything I’ve learned and will pass my knowledge along for everybody who wants to try to create NFT’s like me too.

For now I truly see that this online community is warm, welcoming and absolutely caring about each other.

I hope to give some of this digital love back to my own “tribe” by writing my NFT A-Z lingo blog articles and beginner guides.

With digital parties in the metaverses, engaging Twitter Spaces and fitness challenges in my Telegram community it will be such a fun time!

What will be my NFT collections about?

With my artistic view of my world, how I view my life and the world around me.

I will try to share my fascination for the moon.

Also I absolutely love everything cyberpunk. I played the game Cyberpunk 2077 and love the color palette of it. It has this fascinating dystopian vibe which could come true in the (near) future. So if you see this theme in my work, that is why. 

Hopefully I can express my true feelings, my inner thoughts and emotions via my Photoshop edits.

So! That was a little intro about my NFT’s. I hope your view just got a little more clear and do stay updated on my socials so you can see as one of the first when a new blog is uploaded on my channel!

Take care and stay safe in the digital crypto world.


NFT Content Creator

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