I noticed while exploring this very exciting NFT space, there are many new words to learn and without the knowledge of them, you won’t get very far. It could be a bit confusing and much to see terms like KYC, HODL and more. But those terms are the building blocks to communicate with people digitally and just belong in this world.

In this upcoming blog series on my site I’ll explain in an easy peasy way what every word means and what you can do with it.  In every blog you will find an explanation, handy links and a Youtube link for more information about it. Short, sweet and simple!

You can always have one place to learn about all you need to know when you start, just like me now, to come to and truly understand what every slang word means!

From A-Z, NFT Lingo explained!

What is a DYOR (Do your own research)

The term is usually added at the end of statements to warn others to research on their own rather than following advice blindly. It has become somewhat of a disclaimer when recommending or shilling coins or tokens.

With other words, as it is always in life, do your research before you take any chances, before you invest in to something or change your life. Make it so, that you now know everything you need to know about the topic you have in mind before you make any decisions. Don’t do anything in a rush. 

Handy links:

A great research Tool
An online tool to research in the NFT world
Youtube video: HOW TO DYOR: My Crypto Research Methods Revealed!! 🤓


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