Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you  The fault doesn’t really lie with the stars, we can heal ♋︎

Why do we collaborate?

Magical moments happen when you least expect it. Trough Telegram I found a friend who stood by me unconditionally through a very hard time the past months. I stood by her unconditionally. We gained a digital friendship that feels like we have been friends for years! But her hardships showed too, she has medical bills and a long lasting injury with tons of trips to the hospital. I can’t sit still and watch her work whilst she is in extreme pains to pay those bills. So this collaboration came into fruition. Her idea, story and spirituality is woven into my very first AI art piece.

Why should I buy this NFT?

A unique collision of two worlds, where I help out my digital friend in the way I know how, with web3 magic.

I hope you enjoy and 80% of the profits will be transferred to her own Tezos wallet. You will become a ‘Crescent Moon’ in my Telegram community with voting power over my holistic/fitness challenges I create for the community (and you can join her Telegram channel as well)

There are 20 editions in total, available on OBJKT for 8.50 ꜩ.


“I am not of this world. Let my Art Explain.  Intuitive Artist / Curator / Spiritualist / NFTs / Energy Artist” – Magdyln Jones

Why do we collaborate?

It started when we were chatting in a Twitter Space (an audio groups chat) and we got to talk about the NFT community, how it all goes and works. MagdyIn spontaneously offered to do an collaboration and we felt instantly honored and excited to grab this chance.

Maggie’s Fun House is available on Voice. It is made with a lot of love and energy she feels from working together.

She felt our energy via video call. During this call she asked us to send a song we find meaningful. Which she adds to her collective playlist as a part of her creative process.

Working with energy hits home for me with photography. Whilst shooting portraits, I feel someone’s personality and capture that. This is what you will see in my photos, the personality of Missmoon.

With this very first collaboration, we hope to start a beautiful path to many more successful collaborations where we can unite powers and love.

Why should I buy this NFT?

This is a unique asset. Being my first collaboration with a fellow NFT Artist Magdyln Jones in the Maggie’s Fun House collection.

As this is my first collaboration with another NFT artist. What sets this piece apart is that the intention is set to capture the energy of Missmoon. A story told through color and texture.

Magdyln Jones has a unique way of creating and by merging our energies together. We now have co-created a one of a kind work of art.

This NFT is sold to Scott Moore.

“To me it felt intuitively like you are in between worlds which I can relate to.

Symbolic of stepping into your dreams.”

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