You are a creative soul that enjoys everything linked to painting, photography, and other forms of artistic expression.
You appreciate museums with beautiful paintings or exhibitions with extraordinary photography.
Perhaps you prefer ballet dance shows and enjoy dancing.

Whatever type of creativity you have, all of my followers who are reading this share the same magical open attitude of chasing their dreams and actually taking actions towards it.

This is how you discovered the brand new digital universe of WEB3 and NFTs, into which you can go deeply.

But I remember the day like it was yesterday when I created my Twitter account and it just weighed down on me; I had no idea where to begin and had to read numerous articles on Twitter algorithms, NFTs, and what you should do to create one.

I created my own marketing approach, which has already been commended by certain marketing experts and many digital acquaintances, who stated in Twitter Spaces, ‘Oh, I wish I would have done it the same way as you, first building up my identity and network and then minting my collection.’

I’ve missed out on a lot of sales, and they should definitely be burned.”

What do you think about this?
Do you catch the overall meaning here?
I previously used some WEB3/NFT jargon that everybody there knows.
If that sounds intimidating, I completely understand because it is when you first start out.
It’s like learning a new language, establishing your own business, and raising a child all rolled into one lovely miraculous bundle.

This is why I chose to share my own journey with the important advice I craved for when I first started, so you don’t have to do all the research I did.

Follow the most informational Twitter accounts

The first thing I did and you must do so too, is start to follow the most informational Twitter accounts.

They share free, resourceful information about Twitter algorithms, about NFT news and handy tricks and tips about basically anything you need to know to grow into a better web3 personality.

Here is a list of my personal recommendations of must follow Twitter accounts. Please do click on the bell to get the notifications of Spaces (I explain how to in my Twitter Spaces beginners guide. The Twitter spaces are very useful to listen to because they have more details and can let others speak their opinions to. From there on you can decide to follow the speakers that spark your interest.

  • KinoAlyse: Makes excellent Twitter threads about Twitter’s algorithms and NFTs.
  • NFT Agenda: Talks about the current NFT topics with a clear sight.
  • NFT Freaks: Is an excellent motivational speaker, educator and advice giver in the NFT community.
  • Bright Light: Hosts Twitter spaces about trending NFT topics and gives insight about psychological human behaviour for marketing your NFT project.
  • Greg‘s: Community and marketing space gave me excellent advice and skyrocketed my Twitter engagement. I am honored to co-host regularly since November.
  • Tropyverse: with their daily educational and fun spaces. Co-hosted by the talented Mintingqueen.
Thank you backlinko for providing these statistics

Stay updated with the latest web3 news

You must remain informed, know the newest trends, hypes, and jargon, just like in any other field. So how do you actually keep up with the fast paced space of the web3 universe?

As usual, I made the decision to get right into my latest research and set out to identify or accidentally run into the Twitter accounts that did exactly that.

Recently, I discovered a web3 Oprah who runs Twitter Spaces and conducts interviews with NFT artists, for instance.

Or read the several major news accounts for your daily news.

Even magazines and interviews have been conducted specifically for the NFT sector.

I made a Twitter List of the wittiest, most accurate, and best accounts I could discover since I didn’t want to miss anything.

Optimize your Twitter


Schedule your posts to save time.

On the desktop version (laptop/ pc) you will find a handy tool in the menu when you post a tweet. It’s a bit tucked away but when you find it, I can highly recommend using it to save time.
First you click on the button “Tweet”. It gives you a pop up with icons below. Click on the agenda with a clock on it. This gives you the ability to schedule your tweets!


Make a list to never forget the people you don’t want to miss out on.

Also a huge time saver because when you have everybody in your network in one list, you don’t need to endlessly scroll through the home timeline.


Set the notifications on people.

This is best to do on the mobile app, where you can decide which notifications you want to choose from.

If I want to hear Aahil speaking in spaces, I go to his profile and press the bell icon, check ‘Spaces’ and now I get a notification every time he speaks in Twitter Spaces.

I also go over this more detailled in my Beginner Twitter guide for Twitter Spaces.


Get known with Time Zones.
In the NFT community, time flies and we all are spread around the globe!

The good thing is that Twitter Spaces let’s you see the local time, but still you need to know how to convert the time zones and how to convert AM/PM to military time and vica versa.

I got 3 tips for you:

  1. Set a phone widget on your smartphone’s home, with a world clock and add all the cities of your most dearest friends on Twitter plus London because that’s standard time everybody uses.
  2. To plan an event or look ahead you can use two websites who are right for the job. and
  3. If you are unsure about AM/PM or military time use this website.

What can you do with Twitter?

As an NFT content creator or web3 personality I find Twitter one of the most popular platforms as of now, to grow your name with. In the Twitter NFT community I haven’t found one single soul who didn’t had the best intentions. They are all very creative and entrepreneurial people who want to make an artistic living of their projects. With this thought, you see that everybody around is in it for the right reasons and I surely noticed that with this mindset it is easy to make friends and collaborations a long the way.

It helps a lot to read in about online marketing, about optimizing your Twitter BIO and to keep being active on the platform to grow your name. Especially on the spaces.

My honest opinion since recently has changed to be honest with you, I worked from morning until midnight (sometimes I saw the sunrise coming up) on getting a name for Missmoon, especially on Twitter, finding out which way works, posting my content and getting my community up. But recently, I got permanently banned with my main account and lost all of my hard work in a second. With that, I saw about ten others in only one week, going through the exact same ‘surprise’ and they also didn’t realise they made a mistake and cannot communicate with Twitter about it also.
It was truly devastating and made me realize, that there has to be a better, decentralized platform out there. Like Telegram is for Discord, for me personally. It is my new goal to find that platform and give you my findings in a new blog.

I hope I and all the others who recently lost their account out of nowhere, get justice and get their accounts back.

Take this as a warning from me and try to use Twitter wisely. I still do not know why it happens.

The don'ts of Twitter

Twitter punishes very harsh and strict and does so automatically. That is why you should watch out incredibly much when you use Twitter. For example:


    • Liking too fast.
    • Engaging like a bot, with generic comments or only an emoji
    • Using too popular hashtags.
    • A third party software that farms likes, followers and what have you.
    • Having your urls in your main post, post them in a comment.
    • Don’t get reported by anyone.


This is all taught by Aahil’s Alpha program and for a bargain you can buy this NFT and get custom advice from this genius marketing and Twitter algorithm expert.


Twitter Jail?

With Twitters newest sharpening of the rules against bots in may 2022, I saw a huge increase in friends getting limited engagement and temporary or like me, permanent bans. A temporary ban will take about a week or two and a permanent ban you need to wait a month and hope the Twitter gods favor you of getting your account back, but chances are very slim. For me, I was out of luck. But I now thrive with my new account, analytics are back and so is my following, so don’t get to disheartened about it, there’s always a way to pick yourself up.

    A temporary ban is called Shadow Ban.
  • To check if you have that, please go to this site, it’s a safe one.
    See the image here on the right for instructions. Thank you Digicaps for this incredible tip!
  • I discovered a useful Twitter thread by Artvision that details the steps to follow in order to fix a Shadow ban.
  • Also, I saw a suggestion that stated that you needed to clear your Twitter interest to stay out of Twitter jail or free yourself from it.

If you have a permanent suspension, I feel really sorry for you and I do hope on a digital miracle for you.

Decentralized social media in web3

In my opinion, NFT artists do not belong on web2 platforms; we do not thrive there, and it does not serve us well or fairly.

With the beginner’s guide to web3 social media, I explain my findings about the upcoming decentralized web3 social media.

To check if you're shadow banned please go to this website and click on the option menu and than check YES. This way, it shows ALL the links that keeps you in Twitter jail. Thank you Digicaps for this incredible tip!

I hope you enjoyed my beginner’s guide to Twitter. I am certainly no expert but I love to write blogs for you with my new found, personal wisdom.

I’m sure my beginners guide will envolve when times passes.
Also, I find that right now, it’s the right time to start your journey in to Twitter that feels right for you personally. Why? Because you never know where it will take you as in your digital NFT/web3 path.

So try it out for yourself, see if has any value for you.


NFT Content Creator

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