In this guide, I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through Spatial, one of the coolest metaverses I’ve seen so far.

You will learn about the metaverse, Spatial, how to get started in Spatial, and my personal favorite galleries.

What is Spatial?

On their about me page they tell us:
“Spatial is dedicated to helping creators and brands build their own spaces in the metaverse to share culture together. We empower our users to leverage their beautiful spaces to share eye popping content, build a tight knit community, and drive meaningful sales of their creative works and products. We also empower our users to create beautiful and functional 3D spaces that they can mint as NFTs and sell/rent to others looking to host mind blowing experiences.  

The metaverse is an opportunity to empower creators to build their livelihood around the work. We see The metaverse is also an opportunity for creators, their supporters, and their fans to interact more closely than ever before. And the metaverse should be open and interoperable, where users can connect their spaces easily to other platforms, and seamlessly bring content from one to another, all enabled by the blockchain. “

Spatial, in my opinion, is a lovely way to create a free gallery for people to explore.
I can develop my vision and style into my gallery in the comfort of my own home.
I’d also like to expand it and see if I can turn it into a live stream or meeting place.


When you hear the term “metaverse,” you immediately think of Facebook.
They rebranded as META and are developing their own VR social platform.
To access this metaverse, you must use only Facebook.
Personally, after reading all of the news about it, I have very little faith in Meta’s future development and success; this is also because I am not a big fan of Facebook because they have changed their privacy terms for the worse in recent years.

But what is actually a Metaverse?
Mentally replace the phrase “the metaverse” in a sentence with “cyberspace.” Ninety percent of the time, the meaning won’t substantially change. That’s because the term doesn’t really refer to any one specific type of technology, but rather a broad (and often speculative) shift in how we interact with technology. And it’s entirely possible that the term itself will eventually become just as antiquated, even as the specific technology it once described becomes commonplace.

I’ve use text from this article from Wired, to learn more detailed information please go to their blog.

Ready player me or Sims dress up?

Now comes my favorite part! Making an avatar. It really took me back to creating an avatar for the Sims game back in the day. Spatial partnered with Readyplayerme.

You got several options to personalize your own avatar.

  1. You can make a selfie and it will generate a 3D face out of it.
  2. Use a default avatar and make it your own.
  3. Or my personal favorite: sign up for Readyplayerme and spend way too much time making the face exactly how you want it, the body and picking out of so many free outfits to choose from. Just take your time, don’t rush it, it’s extremely fun to do!

For even more information like, how to edit your avatar whilst your in Spatial, please visit their help blog page

Spatial galleries

So now you have your very own avatar ready to rock the Spatial verse!
What to do now?
Well we can visit galleries, parties, events and more! Here below I’ve listed my own personal favorite galleries and those of my own.

This list will be evolving as I will update this in the future with new fun Spatial galleries!

Where you can see my very first NFT collection hanging proudly on the walls and take selfies on the red carpet.

See which NFTs are in my Metamask wallet.

Discover how my life looks like, which gear i got and get cozy with me.

On the 17th of December 2022 there was a launch party in this gallery.

Come and drink an espresso with me, take a group selfie and shop my latest NFT’s!

O.N.E. Mission: O.N.E. is an organic artist mentoring project where each participant engages in the NFT online gallery experience, in collaborative events, and workshop that empower them to use the metaverse to enhance exposure and grow their community.

Get nostalgic with me, see how it all started with our very first exhibit.

A ripple in time, an experience like no other. You’re just moments away from entering the BOSS Immersive Showroom: a digital extension of the liquid-themed BOSS Miami Fashion Show. Get ready to discover pieces directly from the runway in our new, digital shopping adventure.

Infested with eerie“Zjawa” creatures—embark on a journey of Slavic culture & storytelling as you collect the totems, defeat the entities and save the people of this small village!

What is a metaverse without a party and a good DJ?

A glamorous and hypnotic nightclub! Come to the most amazing dance floor in the metaverse and lose yourself in the dance..

Race like Yoshi, Peach, Mario or Luigi with a golfcart on the water or chill whilst watching a movie!

An outdoor theater with yurts and lots of cozy viewing areas. Complete the Theater Race to earn the Racer Badge!

Extremely fun race track game where I enjoyed lapping the track myself in a baby pink car!

Enjoy a fun race with friends in some beautiful old-school big boat Cadillacs!

How to interact in Spatial

Now you can party a long with your web3 friends and connect in a more immerse way than the ol’ regular Twitter Spaces.

Try to make your own free Spatial gallery as well. It is always a good idea to promote your web3 project in multiple ways, there are so much more ways next to just Twitter!

Wishing you so much fun, hope you enjoy your new journey through Spatial and hope you will build your very own gallery too!

I hope you enjoyed my beginner’s guide to Spatial. I am certainly no expert but I love to write blogs for you with my new found, personal wisdom.

I’m sure my beginners guide will evolve when times passes.
Also, I find that right now, it’s the right time to start your journey in to web3 that feels right for you personally. Why? Because you never know where it will take you as in your digital NFT/web3 path.

So try it out for yourself, see if has any value for you.


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