One thing that stands out when you are in Decentraland is how everybody can truly be themselves. This is done by dressing up your avatar in the style of your liking or according to the metaverse parties you’re attending to. Just like in real life, the parties or events sometimes have a dresscode. When you go to the casino, you wear an ICE ‘wearable’, but if you go to a party, you can’t wear enough bling or glow! Also I’ve seen loads of penguins, bears and other costumes that fully cover the avatar. You can now mint your own pet and take him/her with you on your Decentraland journey in a backpack or beside you.
The possibilities to customize your own avatar is getting huge and we are just getting started.

In this guide I will show you my personal favorite wearable creators, I will explain a bit about Decentraland Fashion and I hope you have much fun whilst reading!

A lovely party with Decentraland friends, you can clearly see the latest trends for parties are glowy accessoires like the Babydolls light saber.

The start of your Decentraland personalisation avatar

If you just started out your Decentraland adventure, you may want to head over to my general beginner guide to Decentraland where you can see more detailled information on how to start, a Youtube video that guides you through it and a handy sheet with a summary.

Now we got you totally ready to get started with Decentraland fashion and personalisation of your avatar, let’s get to it!

Let’s get started with Decentraland fashion and avatar customization now that you’re all prepared!

You begin with complimentary tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories.

I used to, and still do, wear the free set’s black crop top and ripped black pants.
They are really fantastic fundamental stuff to mix and match.

What are wearables and collectibles?

All of these clothes, skins and what have you are called wearables and collectibles. The wearables and collectibles are made in a 3D program, Blender is the most popular one.
Than they are uploaded to the marketplace of Decentraland, listed and sold via a smart contract on the blockchain.

There is for everyone a fitting fashion designer but I will go through my personal favorites!

This guide, like all my beginner guides will evolve with me as I explore Decentraland with time. If you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to send me a DM on Twitter or via Telegram.


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Most trending and fun fashion designers


Want to have beautiful hair styles or sparkly golden pumps, 90s styled block shoes or butterfly pants? Doki is your place to be to shop for trending wearables. In my opinion she is my favorite trending Decentraland wearable designer on the market right now and the only one who implements real life trends into Decentraland, which I adore.


The first fashion designer I personally came in contact with is MetaWear. He is like me Dutch and has a talent for designing the clothes that will be popular for Decentraland. In the picture, you see yours truly rocking the Dutch Sweater, cool glowing shoes from MetaWear.

My favorite is the pants I wear on the photo on the left here. It has such a high-end vibe but still is sportive, to it which I adore.


You know that empty feeling when you’re dressed up in that stunning dress but couldn’t find the right necklace? Or when you’re going to a Summer event but haven’t got any cool shades? This is where MetaJewels has got your back!

From cute pastel colored glitter gloves, ear pods, festival fanny packs, cute small purses and heart shaped earrings, it’s all here!

I personally love her sunglasses collection, they look so cool and trending!


Do you look for a wearable with a wholesome meaning behind it? Where someone truly put his Decentraland heart into it? You need to stop by Awedjob’s shop.

He sells Whimsy’s #SHEW line where you show to everybody that sharing helps everybody win. I wear my flower crown with most honor because I adore this thought behind the wearable. He also sells a matching pair of glasses and recently expanded the #SHEW line with a new galaxy boots!

Fun bonus! You can wear the flower crown with augmented reality too in Snapchat!


To enchance your outfit when you go to a BabyDolls party you must wear the ‘Solstice’ or the ‘Set to shine’ jewel collection. I can’t express enough how cute these shiny jewelries are!

Next to that she sells some stunning evening dresses too. I love her style because it is so classy but also modern.


A very talented 3D designer that bridges brands and NFT projects to the Metaverse. He also does charity work for Face Fashion. 

In his Decentraland shop you find your head in the clouds, a traditional taste of Japan and the best classics. I especially love the classical earring hoops and the sensual white bunny mask. But I also have much adoration for the Japanese gowns!

SinfulMeatStick aka Mods

mew mew mew mew mew.

Have a trending MEW sign or MEW aura yourself and be purring like a happy kitty cat.

KJ /Low Poly Models

The best Youtube channel I know that can teach you about making wearables and a pilar to the Decentraland community.

My personal favorite is everything from the 3LAU collaboration. It is such a sleek collection which looks really cool!


The cutest wearable creator in my opinion! So kawaii!

I personally love her cute bunny backpack the most! But she also sells an AFK bubble and a pill aura.


Creating avant-garde nail art in real life but also now in Decentraland. CKBubbles has created a cute bubble top with matching nails that adjust to the choosen hair color.

It’s not only bubbles but also candy nails and opal glamour ones. So if your nails need a fresh manicure in Decentraland, CKBubbles is your  nail artist you must go to!



This one is for the men out here. If you are looking for the more urban street wear vibe, DOCTORDripp is the one stop shop to get your outfit going! With these awesome RBG lights you have on your gaming laptop, he designs backpacks, snapbacks and more!


Don’t you just love to have that perfect fitting bikini during the endless, sweet summer days where the hot sand touches your toes and the beach waves crash onto the shore? Well, Refraction has just delivered that feeling into Decentraland!

With the bikini set, Refraction also sells salsa clothing and some beautiful gowns!

Cosmos 3D

A girl is nowhere without a perfect little black dress in her closet for the summer evenings and the parties. I absolutely love the cheeky black dress from Cosmos 3D!

And I also saw that Cosmos has a new dress with RGB stripes on the sides. It has a more sporty style to it.This one is also made for the gents with a tracksuit feel.


Diamonds are a girls best friend. Bring your sparkle game to the next level with this collection where everything is golden and filled with countless diamonds. From a cap, headphones, snake bracelet to RGB heels, Virtewel’s shop feels like a candyshop!

DeFi Drip

Makes it possible to have your own shower pouring with FOMO. They have a space suit to explore your Decentraland space and a 420 friendly space stone.

But my personal favorites are the Doki collab galaxy pumps and the ‘Miss Metaverse’ dress.


You probably know (or not!) that I love everything cyberpunk or neon like. So these glasses aren’t to be missed.

But what I saw recently during a party was this awesome girl on the shoulders. It gives such an epic festival look!

There are more things, especially for the male readers on here worth checking out on his Marketplace store but these two, I just adore!



Most known for his incredible builds, he also launched his very own wearable collection with my personal favorite, a lime green bikini (and also a swimming trunk for men!)!

With two attires to suit up for men, you can be the king of the party!

Don’t forget to pick up the sunglasses who are straight on FIRE!

Extraordinary ideas and collectibles that I love


Sometimes you look at something and it just touches your soul. Do you know that feeling? I have this with everything Roustan creates. He is a bodypaint artist for over 16 years, sells NFTs and bridged his expertise to Decentraland. It is absolutely stunning art on the female bodies.


Created the very first pet park in Decentraland and has these very cute wearables where you can have a cat or dog in your backpack and have your own pet next to you. They seem to bridge over to Spatial and I am absolutely obsessed with having pets in the metaverses.


With a true passion for web3 and connecting IRL, web2 and web3 to each other MetaWearDrip created a jersey that you can wear in real life and in Decentraland. This mindset drawns me in so much!

NikkiFuego with Vroomwayio

A play to earn upcoming racing game. Try to be the best racer you can be an craft your vehicle at Vroomway.

I’ve never seen such an epic way of Play To Earn in Decentraland by racing in a racetrack. I can’t wait to see it all live!

MiguelAmargo with Voxboards

Walking is so 2021! Grab a skateboard and roll around the parcels. Be accompanied by Tyler the monkey or wear cute dog slippers that goes perfectly with your skateboard!


Don’t let the cute fox logo deceive you, this is one of the hottest, sexiest collections I came across and totally not safe for work!

With their nightclub collection you can experience a BDSM look for your avatar. You can complete this look with a high ponytail from Doki. (mentioned at the very beginning) and a BDSM harness and leather legs parts from GG#4610

I also see their beards very often worn in Decentraland so if you want a magical, long beard, you should check them out too.

Wearables that resonate with me

SUPERNINA with her Moon Stars Neon Wonder Mood Glow

As an NFT artist who loves the moon I am a big fan of everything with galaxies, moons and stars. This is exactly why SUPERNINA’s aura is so cool to me.

Oh and btw! You can also buy the matching space suit that you see on the picture!

LadyLove with the Red Bottom Heels

I think every woman wants to own a red bottom heel pumps in real life from a certain high luxury brand but now Ladylove took this to Decentraland and I am ready for it.


ButterflyPrawn with the cutest clingy cats

Who doesn’t want a cute cat clinged onto their avatar forever? That’s what I thought!

I hope you enjoyed my beginner’s guide to Decentraland Fashion. I am certainly no expert but I love to write blogs for you with my new found, personal wisdom.

I’m sure my beginners guide will evolve when times passes.
Also, I find that right now, it’s the right time to start your journey in to Decentraland that feels right for you personally. Why? Because you never know where it will take you as in your digital NFT/web3 path.

So try it out for yourself, see if has any value for you.

If you enjoyed this guide I am sure you will enjoy my beginners guide to Decentraland.


NFT Content Creator

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