Decentraland is a 3D virtual world browser-based platform. Users may buy virtual plots of land in the platform as NFTs via the MANA cryptocurrency, which uses the Ethereum blockchain. It was opened to the public in February 2020, and is overseen by the nonprofit Decentraland Foundation.

Users can develop the land by using the Decentraland’s own editor, or importing 3D models from external software. Cosmetic gear, like t-shirts and hats, can be traded.

Intro to Decentraland

The Metaverse is the most hot trending topic in 2022. I think you can gain a lot of succes, fun and chances out of it if you play your cards right.

It is a fresh start for everybody out there, willing to make a deep dive into the unknown. As always you will need a lot of determination, willpower and creativity when you want to start a new.

For me personally, when I started my journey to the NFT space, I had no clue where it would take me. And those journey’s are the absolute best. I started reading up about every possible topic I needed to know and saw Decentraland popping up too.

This new digital world had plenty of things to do, explore and attend to.

My first things where trending events in the menu, I went to a party where they held a scavenger hunt. Soon afterwards I’ve discovered mini games where you can earn in game items and coins.

Around me I saw people wearing stunning, glowing and just incredible fashion pieces. I wanted in.

That’s where I stumbled upon MetaWear. Metawear is one of the digital clothing designers of Decentraland. I already wrote an digital fashion haul about his clothing pieces.

Next to fashion, there are also plots of ground that you can buy or sell, buildings you can make or sell with a profit. You can even rent out congress halls or entertainment clubs for parties!

No wonder this digital world is booming.


Fun facts about Decentraland

  • It was opened to the public in February 2020
  • Decentraland was created by Argentinians Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano
  • In November 2021 the government of Barbados announced plans to open an official diplomatic embassy in Decentraland on a plot of land for a reported cost of $5,000 to $50,000 which is planned to be funded by a grant by Decentraland
  • The first fully decentralized world, Decentraland is controlled via the DAO, which owns the most important smart contracts and assets of Decentraland. Via the DAO, you decide and vote on how the world works.
  • MANA is their own currency.

How to start?


Make sure you got a Metamask wallet set up. Please do this set-up thorougly and securely. I don’t wan’t you to make any mistakes because your Metamask is your own responsibility.

I’ve found an entire guide that takes you to the set up, step by step.


With this wallet in your browser extension you are able to play for free and explore the grande world called Decentraland.


Enjoy your time there, go to fun events and play fun minigames like minigolf, dragonrush and lasertag with Donkey kong and the Wondermine!

Decentraland onboarding tutorials

What can you do in Decentraland?

There are countless things to sum up for you, but the best way is to just simply discover it yourself.

I will try to give it a go anyways for both personal and business motives.

Personal reasons:

  • To make new friends worldwide. Who you never could’ve met in real life.
  • Go to the ABC adventures with Scott, BillyTeaCoin and CKBubbles.
  • To have fun at the mini games (like minigolf, lasertag and many more) and cash in prizes.
  • To go to trending parties and interact with others. Dance around and maybe even win something exclusive to that party.
  • Go to the casino and try your luck!
  • Go to the aquarium and watch the fishes. Very relaxing.
  • Attend events like weddings, NFT launches, award ceremonies and much more.

Business reasons:

  • Promote your business on ad spaces.
  • Try to launch your in real life expertise in this digital life.
  • Buy a piece of land as an investment. I can recommend you to go to the website of Mr Dinghia for more information.
  • Flip the bought piece of land.
  • Host a party for more exposure and sales.
  • Be creative and think in which way you can create more Mana for yourself.
  • Buy wanted fashion pieces and sell them. I can highly recommend to contact Scott and MetaWear for these purposes.
  • Create your own wearable (that matches your company or NFT project) so you can sell them or even connect a utility to your wearable.
A groupshot of one of the many adventures of ABC Decentraland (Find me in the black jeans and black sweater!)

My personal favorite zones

Click on the pictures to teleport yourself to the locations.


There you can mine the meteors that come crashing down and craft some wearables.

Japanese park

Become zen and walk in this giant Japanese park, full of little temples, giant pink trees and fun little bridges to cross over.

Roustan’s place

A really cool place decorated with pink tigers a bodypaint swimming pool and other cool things. Where you can party, enjoy his NFT gallery and just enjoy the pretty scenery.

A cool place to party!

The Aquarium

Watch fishes swimming around and just enjoy the lovely neon signing.

Meta Zoo

Party with huge teddy bears! Ofcourse I totally love the neon and cyberpunk vibes. It’s incredible fun.

Pray forest

Put your prayers and wishes on the flowers and launch them into the sky.

Very peaceful and hopeful place.

Nyankee Cat Gallery and Chibi Labs

Watch moving Nyan cats and next to it you see a beautiful cyberpunk themed city!

Fashion and personalisation

If there’s one thing that sticks out in Decentraland’s digital culture, it’s the need to flaunt your current outfit.
Glow and sparkle are very much in style right now (mid-2022).

When attending an event, you wear your best clothes and flaunt them in front of everyone.
People even wear robots as bagpacks, have their own miniature car to drive around in, skate in skateparcours, and dress in gorgeous high-end designer gowns.

For every fashion style, there is undoubtedly a Decentraland fashion designer who can fulfill your needs.

For example, these stunning golden glitter shoes with a narrow heel were tagged on Twitter.
They appeared to be fantastic.
I saw them at a Degenbed rooftop party.
They were worn by Metajewels, and I couldn’t stop glancing at those sparkly heels without feeling FOMO.
In Decentraland, this feeling may happen that soon!

I believe that customizing your own character has a bright future ahead of it, and I hope that the emotes and interactions will be improved to make it more dynamic.

For more detailed information about Decentraland fashion you may want to read my more in depth Beginners guide to Decentraland Fashion. Where I take you along my most favorite creators, extraordinary collectibles and explain you how it fashion works in this metaverse!

This beautiful Circus attire is created by MetaWear
The Dutch sweater, my favorite pants and sneakers are from Metawear
The legendary Whimsy flower crown by Scott

Decentraland parties and events

Although I only have been to a couple of parties myself for now, there is quite a lot on the calendar of Decentraland to check out! You can attend for Example the yearly NFT Awards hosted by Enjin, birthday party of Decentraland or any other party of users and companies. You will get to meet very fun people and sometimes there’s even prizes or givewaway to win! I even participated in a scavenger hunt to win a prize!

Please do let me know which party you decide to go to via a tag on Twitter or a DM, so that if I find some time, I can join you for some fun!

I hope you enjoyed my beginner’s guide to Decentraland. It is for me a start to something new too! I am certainly no expert but I love to write blogs for you with my new found, personal wisdom.

I see so much potential in Decentraland’s growth that I’m sure my beginners guide will envolve when times passes.
Also, I find that right now, it’s the right time to start your journey in to a metaverse that feels right for you personally. Why? Because you never know where it will take you as in your digital NFT/web3 path. Maybe you will find yourself having a talent to design clothes like Metawear, Scott or selling and designing custom made buildings like Mr. Dhingia. If you don’t take any chances you cannot know where they will take you.

So try it out for yourself, see if has any value for you and do let me know your thoughts about it via Twitter.


NFT Content Creator

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