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From moons, crypto and cyberpunk, inspired by my community, made with love and passion.

brand new collection!

kittens and coffeecups

Get ready to paws-itively melt with the cutest NFT in town! Adopt our adorable NFT kitten and become a Crescent Moon in our cozy Telegram community. Not only that, but you’ll have fitness challenge voting power to keep your cat-itude in check. Don’t let this claw-some opportunity pass you by!

See where I’m at now

Progress Moon Chart

Short and Sweet
I decided when I looked at other NFT content creators and artist who have difficult roadmaps and strict deadlines, I wanted to do it my way that is simple, sweet and short. I find it important to be understandable for people outside of the NFT Community too. That is why I came up with my Moon Chart with the moon phases. I will update personally on here and under my pinned tweet in my Twitter profile, in which phase I currently am at. Sometimes they over lapse a bit of I am already working on the next phase to prepare for you.

Waxing Cresent
From the start of my journey in February 2022 until midst of April I found myself in Waxing Cresent and slowly moving into First Quarter.

First Quarter
Now I can proudly say that I’m in First Quarter since midst of April and already preparing behind the scenes for Waxing Gibbous.

Waxing Gibbous
With so much excitement I can finally scream it from the top of my lungs, that my launchparty is planned on the 17th of December and it will be celebrated in my very own Spatial NFT plaza. During my launchparty you can see my NFTs live and you can make selfies on my red carpet.

Between now and the 17th I will do a giveaway, people can win a special festive new Missmoon Twitter profile picture.

Also for my Telegram community, they will receive two free Lightroom presets and a tutorial how to edit with them in the Lightroom app.

February 2023:

My Road map is now complete and a new cycle is coming one day. You can now buy one of my NFTs on OpenSea.

May 2023:
Dropped the new paw-dorable kittens and coffeecups collection. My NFT holders make up the name and my Telegram community can vote for their favorites!

All your questions answered


Short and sweet answers that explain the thoughts and questions that have just popped into your minds, so you don’t need to think any further.

With longing, I wanted to jump into this NFT world for a long time. I finally did it and there’s no way back until I go to the moon and beyond! With determination, extreme high motivation and passion, I will work to succeed. So if you invest in buying my NFT’s, it will get you not only my digital artwork, but also a cool utility. You can also collect them as if they were precious gems of art.

With the current bear market I decided to postpone my launch. This gives me time to learn more about web3, write more blogs and guides with my newfound knowledge and put the cherry on the cake with my NFT collection. Please do checkout my Moon Phases to see the current moon phase where I am at to get a fuller understanding. (press the moon icon in the pink menu here on the right).

The launchdate was Christmas 2022.

I’d like to make it as simple and easy for you as I possibly can. I don’t want you jumping through hoops in difficult Discord servers to gain a whitelist spot, nor do I want to put deadlines and a roadmap on myself.

My moon phase chart is like a roadmap, but simplified, so people outside the NFT space can follow this too, like web2 friends or my father, let’s say!
Click on the moon icon at the pink menu on the right to see the Moon Phases road map to see which moon phase I’m currently at.

I noticed that when you are too much into the WEB3 space, you get a bit stuck in there, and I would love to educate web2 people to come and enjoy our cozy world. This can be done by speaking their language and making it simple.

I would love to discuss, talk, and stay in touch with you!

You can join my Moon family on Telegram. There is an announcement channel and a chat channel, where you can chat and engage with the other Moon Family members, play games and help each other. And tweet with me along the way!

If you want to contact me, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail or chat with me and my Moon family members in Telegram.

When you buy one of my NFTs you will get:

– A special Super Moon role in my chat community. Where you can have more power over the chat. Also you have the right to vote once a month over the fitness challenges.

– I will edit a photo of yours in Adobe Lightroom(send in your highest quality photo, preferably raw) over mail. Please don’t send it via any social media because they will compromise your quality.

Past experiences

Because I have over five years of experience in Adobe Photoshop and have worked professionally with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom for that time, I am confident that you can recognize my artistic style and expertise in my NFTs.

I’d like to show you a before and after shot of one of my favorite clicks as an example.


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A Dutch woman who travels to the moon and beyond in the world of NFT.

I will be posting my artistic artwork with value in a beautiful bundle in the form of an NFT with a community program in Telegram and one photo edit in Lightroom.

I am excited to discuss everything crypto and NFT related so we can learn from each other.

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